Tou-roo-loo-roo-li, too-roo-loo-roo-laddie
Too-roo-loo-roo-li, too-roo-loo-roo-li li

When summertime has gone
And autumn winds are threatening
To blow our love away
Ti`s then love will be tested
Arm in arm we`ll stand
Side by side togetherv To face the common foe
That would tear our love asunder

O`an you fair whater friends
Where are you now I need you
Gone like the autumn winds
On a cold december morning
When hard times come around
Like cold and stormy weather
There`s only you and I my love
To shelter one another

No there`s a time to fight
And there`s a time for leaving
As snow melts in the spring
On a warm bright april morning
Our fight has run it`s course
Now`s the time for healing
So let us both embrace
Sweet reconcilliation